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There are many considerations when looking for an online school to study to become a lawyer. Below is information on program overviews, skill enhancement courses, and a common topic to study in faculty of law.

How to Find an Online Law School

Becoming a lawyer will require a person to have a graduate degree known as a Juris Doctorate or J.D. from a law school.Few law schools offer online programs. The program should train a student in the field of law, prepare them for the bar exam, and should be ABA approved.

Accessibility to the Courses

Even a distance learning law program should allow for student interaction. A good program will have conference calls, message boards, and emails. In some cases, there can be on campus meetings. Faculty should be easy to reach. All of the material to complete the coursework should be found online. This can even include access to the LEXIS Law Library, casebook information, treatises,  and online lecture notes from Hillside Law.

Approval by the ABA

The law school should be approved by the American Bar Association. As of 2014, the ABA did not approve any full online legal course. Some school will offer on-campus courses and some of the courses through online learning.

Preparing for the BAR

In all states, a graduate need to pass the Bar exam to become a lawyer. Many states also require a person to graduate with a J.D to be eligible for the exam. Some schools will offer certain courses just to prepare for this exam.

Program Length

Students that are looking to complete an online program should find out how long it will take to complete the program. When a student is studying to be a lawyer, it takes around three years of attending school full time.


A student should find out if the exams are going to be online or if they had to go to a testing center. The bar exam must be taken in person.

Online J.D. Degree Program

A student can study for their Juris doctorate online full time or part time. They must learn the laws and how to analyze legal problems their client may have. They need to figure out the best solutions to any problems that may arise. In addition to this lawyers need to be able to win arguments by using effective legal strategies. The students need to meet online or by the phone for group projects and to share educational and work experiences with each other. Pentiction Lawyers says this is an effective way for people to learn the law. The online law program offer courses that include: (source: Penticton Lawyers РHillside Law Inc. | Lawyers Penticton BC)

  • Contract law
  • Professional responsibilities of a lawyer
  • Civil procedures
  • Criminal laws and procedures
  • Property Law