Home schooling is an escalating movement towards better education where parents opt for providing education to the children at home instead of traditionally sending them to school. Home schooling has been an evolution since the 1970s when a research was held on educational reforms representing that it is better to provide young children necessary education from home. This made interested parents all around the world help in legally providing their children education from home; home schooling has been made legal in Europe, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, North America and Hong Kong.

Parents are now shunning educating systems and happily providing their children education from home popularly in countries like Canada, France, UK, and the US. However, there are laws and regulations parents must adhere to as per the State in order to provide certified education to their children from home. They make sure to attain a whole structure from a satellite school in the state that provides them with curriculum on each subject along with study material and books.

Parents who are attaining home schooling for their children are those who mostly do the teaching themselves as they are either stay at home moms, single parents or dual career families. Other times parents who are too busy to give scheduled time to their kids take help from support groups in the State that aid in providing suitable teachers for their child. These support groups also make sure to provide extracurricular activities to home schooled children similar to what is provided at schools.They take children to field trips and provide sports activities that tend to provide them with social experiences along with necessary education so that the child doesn’t miss out anything during the period he/she is being home schooled.

The reason why homeschooling is slowly taking over the traditional method of schooling is that parents who are well educated themselves know that traditional school methods are not progressing the way it should be in such technological era. Thus they are making use of the high-tech educational software and internet tools to take the trend of homeschooling to a new level. Children can be safely and legally be home schooled until the parents feel they are grown enough to fit into their peers without being insecure. While some parents’ home school their child until high school graduation, not missing out on the bliss of graduation ceremony which is provided by community groups that include graduating hat, gown and certified high school diploma.